I’m having a blast shooting street portraits, both staged and candid.

See you in the city!

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Bucktown Breath

From the Selected Work, Bucktown.

I had a few extra minutes so I shot for a bit before making my way into the office this morning. I stopped in Bucktown; the sunrise over North/Milwaukee/Damen can be pretty great.

Today was no exception. In the cool air I could see everyone’s breath. The light was hard and the shadows definitive. Here’s one from the session. I lined this resting runner’s head up with the sun and caught a few moments during the break.

Inquiries/Prints: kevinjosephblog@gmail.com | Instagram: @ke_vin_joseph


Long Grove

When I woke up at my uncle’s in Barrington last Friday on a day of scheduled PTO, I had a plan to shoot. But where?

The light hit me through the blinds. I thought, “why not Long Grove?”

Northwest of Chicago, Long Grove is quaint, historic, and lately … rather quiet. It’d recently snowed so I figured it’d be beautiful, and I’d been shooting people and the streets of Chicago a lot. I welcomed the slower pace.

Here are my favorite photos of the walk. All images were taken with the Sony a6000 using the Sigma 30mm, and edited in Lightroom and VSCO.

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Vamos a La Playa (Del Carmen)

For more of my work, find me on Instagram at @ke_vin_joseph.


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