Morning Light

Today, at 7:09am CST, the morning light had me screech to a halt. I found myself called to this popcorn stand I’d noticed out of the corner of my eye – on Chicago’s lakefront near Museum Campus, walking instead of running.

I stuck around for a few minutes and walked around the cart a few times before getting back to my run. That morning light …


Thursday Thoughts

Kevin Joseph has come a quite a long way and has endured more than one evolution.

My creative identity was at one point a men’s fashion blog, and then grew into a lifestyle “best practice” report. And then it morphed into a travel diary, photo blog, and at one time it was strictly a portfolio.

Thoughts for Thursday

An operations manager by day, I’m in a constant battle with my creative side in that I want art to have order and a defined, logical process. This logic of thinking, however, is illogical.

What I’ve learned – over time – is that it’s okay to embrace disorder. In fact, in some ways and in some circumstances, disorder promotes growth (something I’m wholly for). Without disorder, I would have considered it inconceivable to share my thoughts in this manner alongside what I’m now most proud of, my photography.

But here they are, my Thursday thoughts. A piece of my mind alongside a piece of what I see.


A break in the clouds

I spotted a little break in the clouds on my way home from work last night.

Of course I pulled over to take a picture (with my iPhone).

Threading the needle en route to O’Hare

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Man’s Best Friends

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En Route


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Man at Merchant & Rhoades

Merchant & Rhoades, Chicago.

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Memory Lane

I live with my fiancé in Chicago’s South Loop and commute to an office in the NW suburbs three days a week. On Thursday nights I stay at my uncle’s place – also in the NW burbs. We catch up on the weeks’ happenings and I get a break from traffic.

This here is a picture of the house I grew up in. I can drive by it if I take the long way home (which I almost never do). Every year or few I swing by to take a look, to see what’s changed. And to be honest, I couldn’t tell you exactly what or all that has changed since I moved out 20 years ago.

I didn’t plan to visit today, but was called to it nonetheless. Lots of memories.

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This here is the very first installment of One Photo a Day.

For (at least) the next 365, I’ll share a photo of something that caught me or taught me that day.

I call this one, Frozen. While on my lakefront run today, I could hardly help but notice how calm the water in Burnham Harbor was. As I ran, my eyes were fixated on it.

And then I saw this bit of algae, frozen just under the thin sheet of ice. It stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoy this image and story, and all that are to come! For more of my work, find me on Instagram at @ke_vin_joesph, and VSCO at ke-vin-joseph.


Weekend Wanderings

If felt good to be out-and-about last weekend after being under the weather for over a week. Most photos were taken with my Apple iPhone X; some were taken with my Sony a6000 using the 30mm Sigma. All photos were edited in Lightroom and VSCO.

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Real Vegas

Lately I spent quite a bit of time going through photos I’ve taken that I either (a) wasn’t proud of or (b) thought “didn’t fit my mold” at the time.

Comb the Archive

If you’re a photographer, I highly recommend reviewing the images kept in the bottom of the drawer. You might look at them differently in one, three, or six months. And you may find a hidden gem (or more).

The images featured here were lost but found, taken in Las Vegas in December, 2017 with my iPhone 6s Plus. All were edited in Lightroom and VSCO.