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Bumpy but Beautiful

Flying is at the bottom of my “favorite things to do” list, but this flight was special. As bumpy as it was I managed to relax and soak up the scenery.

Please enjoy the images – turbulence not included.

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Man’s Best Friends

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This here is the very first installment of One Photo a Day.

For (at least) the next 365, I’ll share a photo of something that caught me or taught me that day.

I call this one, Frozen. While on my lakefront run today, I could hardly help but notice how calm the water in Burnham Harbor was. As I ran, my eyes were fixated on it.

And then I saw this bit of algae, frozen just under the thin sheet of ice. It stopped me in my tracks. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoy this image and story, and all that are to come! For more of my work, find me on Instagram at @ke_vin_joesph, and VSCO at ke-vin-joseph.


Real Vegas

I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately going through photos I’ve taken and either wasn’t proud of or thought “didn’t fit my mold” at the time.

If you’re a photographer, I highly recommend reviewing the images you’ve kept in the bottom of your drawer. You might look at them differently in one, three, six months. And you may find a hidden gem (or more).

These images below were taken in Las Vegas in December, 2017 with my iPhone 6s Plus. All were edited in Lightroom. If you like the post, please share!

For more of my work, find me on Instagram at @ke_vin_joseph.


Starved Rock

A few friends and I visited Illinois’ Starved Rock State Park earlier this month. We planned for the trip from Chicago weeks in advance, and while we didn’t consider rain we made the best of the experience. Nobody melted and I managed to get some shots I really liked.

All images were taken with the Canon AE-1 using Kodak Portra 400, and edited in Lightroom.

For more images, find me on Instagram at @ke_vin_joseph.


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