Morning Light

Today, at 7:09am CST, the morning light had me screech to a halt. I found myself called to this popcorn stand I’d noticed out of the corner of my eye – on Chicago’s lakefront near Museum Campus, walking instead of running.

I stuck around for a few minutes and walked around the cart a few times before getting back to my run. That morning light …


Negative Space


A Piece of Palos Hills

Out at the in-law’s yesterday, I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures in the backyard. The sun was shining, it was relatively cool; there was a nice breeze.

Before I knew it I found myself in the front yard, and then across the street. Finally, I was off on a walk about the block – a welcomed escape from urban life.


Pilsen, Chicago

July 2019 side street scenes, Pilsen, Chicago.


a walk before work

Some images I made on a walk before work on July 5, 2019. I hope everyone had a fun, safe fourth.



From the car through the wet windshield at sunset, I-290, Chicago – 7.2.19


Sunday Storm

In a matter of minutes, the sky turned and a Sunday storm was upon us.

“Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes.”


Cars and Fences

Spotted in the yard at Orlando Glass and Trim, 641 N Ashland.


In no great hurry

In no great hurry I waited for the rain to pass after I pulled into the Busse Woods parking lot, ready for my post-work run.

Taken from the car.


Finding vision with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

One of the first books I purchased when I made the move from casual to creative photography was Alex Webb’s The Suffering of Light.

The images are full of story and deeply human, all strongly composed and many vividly saturated. In my opinion, the book should be a fundamental reference point for any photographer who aspires to document life on the street.

Finding a vision

I came upon the article below today while reading Aperture and it has me thinking. I’ve never taken a workshop; I wonder if they’re worth their expense and time?

The workshop, which kicks off on Friday, September 27th, is weekend-long and appears to be chock full of activities. Among other things there’s a q&a, a prints review (each student is to bring roughly 30 prints), a discussion on the evolution of projects and books, some editing exercises and an assignment. All for $650 + any NYC travel expenses.

I’m unfamiliar with the work of Rebecca Norris Webb, although among her creative accomplishments she’s published nearly 10 photo-books which is no small feat. If it weren’t for an already planned trip I would seriously consider attending.

Some words of comfort from the hosts:

NOTE: This workshop is for photographers who collaborate with the world, not for those who dramatically alter or change their images digitally.

What is your opinion? Have you ever attended a workshop hosted by Webb? Or any workshop? Is there one you recommend?

Let me know if you plan to attend this one. I’d love to hear a report!

Source: Aperture Foundation,