I once considered myself one for words, although these days I prefer to let the the photo(s) do the talking.

Below: images taken on my 40th birthday, 8.20.19. In 40 more I plan to look back on one hell of a story.

“No matter how good a man is, there’s always some horse can pitch him.” 

John Steinbeck, The Red Pony

Morning Light

Today, at 7:09am CST, the morning light had me screech to a halt. I found myself called to this popcorn stand I’d noticed out of the corner of my eye – on Chicago’s lakefront near Museum Campus, walking instead of running.

I stuck around for a few minutes and walked around the cart a few times before getting back to my run. That morning light …


Negative Space


A Piece of Palos Hills

Out at the in-law’s yesterday, I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures in the backyard. The sun was shining, it was relatively cool; there was a nice breeze.

Before I knew it I found myself in the front yard, and then across the street. Finally, I was off on a walk about the block – a welcomed escape from urban life.


Pilsen, Chicago

July 2019 side street scenes, Pilsen, Chicago.


a walk before work

Some images I made on a walk before work on July 5, 2019. I hope everyone had a fun, safe fourth.



From the car through the wet windshield at sunset, I-290, Chicago – 7.2.19


Sunday Storm

In a matter of minutes, the sky turned and a Sunday storm was upon us.

“Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes.”


Cars and Fences

Spotted in the yard at Orlando Glass and Trim, 641 N Ashland.


In no great hurry

In no great hurry I waited for the rain to pass after I pulled into the Busse Woods parking lot, ready for my post-work run.

Taken from the car.