Thursday Thoughts

Kevin Joseph has come a quite a long way and has endured more than one evolution.

My creative identity was at one point a men’s fashion blog, and then grew into a lifestyle “best practice” report. And then it morphed into a travel diary, photo blog, and at one time it was strictly a portfolio.

Thoughts for Thursday

An operations manager by day, I’m in a constant battle with my creative side in that I want art to have order and a defined, logical process. This logic of thinking, however, is illogical.

What I’ve learned – over time – is that it’s okay to embrace disorder. In fact, in some ways and in some circumstances, disorder promotes growth (something I’m wholly for). Without disorder, I would have considered it inconceivable to share my thoughts in this manner alongside what I’m now most proud of, my photography.

But here they are, my Thursday thoughts. A piece of my mind alongside a piece of what I see.


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